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Sofwave™ is an advanced, non-invasive ultrasound treatment designed to restore the skin by increasing collagen and elastin production. This innovative technology delivers concentrated ultrasound energy to the mid-dermal tissue, heating the skin at the correct depth and temperature to initiate natural healing without damaging the skin’s surface. 

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Sofwave™ is effective in treating various areas, including the face, neck, and décolleté, targeting fine lines and wrinkles and increasing overall skin texture and firmness. An excellent option for all skin types, this treatment is ideal for individuals searching for a non-surgical option for skin rejuvenation. Results can be noticed a few weeks after the first session, with improvements developing over the following three months. The longevity of the results varies, but they can last up to a year or more,

depending on the individual’s skin condition and aging process. For those in the Seattle, WA, area looking to enhance their skin’s appearance without downtime, Seattle Aesthetics offers Sofwave™ treatments. With its ability to deliver visible improvements in skin quality and youthfulness, it’s an excellent option for anyone looking to maintain a natural, youthful appearance. Book your appointment at Seattle Aesthetics today and discover the benefits of Sofwave™ for yourself.

Benefits of Sofwave™:


Just 1-2 SofWave treatments are all you need to achieve best results. Recommended maintenance treatment is just once each year.  

With no downtime at all, a SofWave treatment takes only 30-40 minutes for the face and neck. When finished, you can go back to your normal life immediately after the treatment without concern for being in the sun.


Individuals with mild to moderate skin laxity looking for non-surgical skin rejuvenation options are ideal candidates for Sofwave™, especially those looking for a quick treatment with minimal downtime and immediate return to daily activities.

Results can be noticed as early as a few weeks after treatment, with steady improvement over the next three months, culminating in a more youthful and refreshed appearance as the skin’s natural collagen and elastin are rejuvenated.

The results from Sofwave™ can last up to a year or more, depending on the individual’s skin condition and aging process, with many patients choosing to have follow-up treatments to maintain their youthful appearance over time.

There is minimal to no downtime following Sofwave™ treatment. Some people may have mild redness or swelling, which typically resolves quickly.

Before Sofwave™ treatment, keeping the skin clean and free of makeup or lotions is essential. After the procedure, apply a gentle moisturizer and sunscreen to protect the treated area and adhere to your practitioner’s specific care guidelines to enhance the healing process and outcomes.

During the Sofwave™ treatment, you will feel sensations of warmth as the ultrasound energy is transmitted to the targeted depth in the skin, stimulating collagen production. The procedure is generally comfortable and quick.

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