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SmoothGlo™ is an advanced aesthetic treatment designed to improve the skin’s texture, tone, and overall appearance. This innovative service combines Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology with radiofrequency (RF) microneedling to target various skin concerns effectively. 

SmoothGlo™ | Seattle Aesthetics | Seattle

For those interested in exploring the benefits of SmoothGlo™ in Seattle, WA, Seattle Aesthetics offers a professional and welcoming environment to receive this innovative treatment. We have a team of skilled professionals committed to achieving optimal results; we invite you to book an appointment and discover how SmoothGlo™ can enhance your natural beauty. Experience the difference and enjoy lasting results with SmoothGlo™ at Seattle Aesthetics.

Benefits of SmoothGlo™:

The Magic is in the Sequence.

The first portion of the treatment uses the StellarM22™ IPL which removes both brown and red lesions, improving overall tone while increasing the water content in the skin. This increase in the skin’s water content serves to amplify the second part of the treatment which uses the patented VoluDerm™ RF microneedling technology from Lumenis. By using the smallest needles on the market, about the size of a human hair, this portion of the SmoothGlo™ treatment is remarkably easy and comfortable, resulting in significant improvement to the texture, contour, and volume of the skin.

By leveraging the unique capabilities of the StellarM22™ IPL and VoluDerm™ microneedling, SmoothGlo™ is setting a new standard for impressive aesthetic results.

SmoothGlo™ | Seattle Aesthetics | Seattle
SmoothGlo™ | Seattle Aesthetics | Seattle
SmoothGlo™ Treatment Result | Seattle Aesthetics | Seattle, WAAfter SmoothGlo™ Treatment | Seattle Aesthetics | Seattle
Before SmoothGlo™ Treatment | Seattle Aesthetics | SeattleAfter SmoothGlo™ Treatment | Seattle Aesthetics | Seattle
Before SmoothGlo™ Treatment | Seattle Aesthetics | SeattleAfter SmoothGlo™ Treatment Result | Seattle Aesthetics | Seattle
Before SmoothGlo™ Treatment | Seattle Aesthetics | SeattleSmoothGlo™ Treatment Result | Seattle Aesthetics | Seattle


Individuals seeking non-surgical options to improve skin texture, tone, and appearance are ideal candidates for SmoothGlo™, particularly those desiring noticeable results without requiring invasive procedures or extended recovery times.

Results are typically apparent within a few weeks, with continued improvement over several months, allowing patients to gradually see the transformative effects on their skin’s clarity and firmness.

The effects of SmoothGlo™ can last several months, varying by individual lifestyle and skin condition, with optimal maintenance and care extending the duration of its rejuvenating benefits.

Minimal downtime is required, making it an ideal choice for individuals with busy schedules seeking effective cosmetic treatments. Side effects may include slight redness or swelling, which generally subside quickly, allowing patients to return to their daily activities without interruption.

Avoid direct sun exposure and follow a recommended skincare routine to enhance and prolong results. Using sunscreen and hydrating products as your skincare professional advises can significantly contribute to the longevity of SmoothGlo™’s effects. Additionally, incorporating specific treatments or serums tailored to your skin’s needs can further optimize and extend the rejuvenating benefits.

The Stellar™ IPL from Lumenis is one of the most advanced and intelligent skincare innovations in the world. With just a single applicator, 9 filters, and 3 lightguides, the Stellar™ IPL can treat over 20 different skin conditions including acne, rosacea, dark red and brown pigmentation and visible vascular lesions to name a few. By rejuvenating the dermal layers of the skin, the Stellar IPL helps dramatically reduce hyperpigmentation, creating smooth, beautiful and healthy looking skin.

Voluderm™ microneedling by Lumenis provides an incredibly smooth fractional ablative treatment that prioritizes patient comfort without compromising the results. Using the thinnest RF-assisted thermal needles in the market, Voluderm™ encourages the renewal of healthy skin from the inside out by creating small yet controlled micro-wounds that trigger the production of new collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid.

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