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The CoolTone™ is an innovative aesthetic treatment designed to enhance muscle definition and strength without invasive surgery. Using Magnetic Muscle Stimulation (MMS) technology, CoolTone™ effectively targets the abdomen, buttocks, and thigh muscles, creating involuntary muscle contractions. 

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These contractions mimic those of a rigorous workout, leading to improved muscle tone and definition. The technology focuses explicitly on the muscle layer, bypassing the skin and fat, to ensure a precise and targeted treatment. Additionally, the treatment is quick and requires no downtime so that individuals can resume normal activities immediately after a session. Safety and comfort are prioritized, with sessions tailored to individual needs and tolerance levels. Ideal for individuals seeking to improve their muscle tone and achieve a more sculpted appearance, 

CoolTone™ offers a non-surgical solution to enhancing one’s physique. Results can typically be observed after a series of initial treatments, with the areas treated appearing firmer, more defined, and noticeably toned. Seattle Aesthetics in Seattle, WA, offers CoolTone™ treatments for those seeking a more defined, toned appearance without the downtime from traditional procedures. Book your appointment at Seattle Aesthetics today to experience the benefits of CoolTone™ and take the first step towards achieving your aesthetic goals.

Benefits of CoolTone™:

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CoolTone­™ Treatment | Seattle Aesthetics | SeattleCoolTone­™ Treatment | Seattle Aesthetics | Seattle
CoolTone™ | Seattle Aesthetics | SeattleCoolTone™ | Seattle Aesthetics | Seattle

*Results and patient experience may vary.


A good candidate for CoolTone™ is someone seeking non-surgical methods to improve muscle tone and achieve firmer abs, buttocks, and thighs, particularly those aiming for aesthetic enhancements and strength improvements in these areas.

Results are typically visible after completing the recommended series of initial treatments, with many clients noticing a significant improvement in muscle tone and definition.

With a healthy lifestyle and occasional maintenance sessions, results can be long-lasting. The results of CoolTone™ can be enduring, provided you adhere to a healthy lifestyle and incorporate periodic maintenance sessions. Exercise and a healthy diet can further enhance and prolong the effects of the treatment, ensuring the improvements in muscle tone and definition remain stable over time.

CoolTone™ treatment has no required downtime, allowing clients to return to their daily activities immediately. Some may experience mild redness or soreness in the treated area.

Before undergoing CoolTone™ treatment, ensuring adequate hydration and avoiding consuming large meals is recommended. After the treatment, continuing to lead a healthy lifestyle and keeping hydrated are essential factors in maximizing the effectiveness of the results.

During a CoolTone™ treatment, you can expect to experience strong muscle contractions and a sensation of warmth in the targeted area, reminiscent of the feelings during physical exercise, as the device works to stimulate muscle strengthening and toning.

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